Pyrocon’s Fully Integrated “Train” Of Technology

Component Overview

  1.  Pyrolytic Thermal Convertor – “Oven” – thermally breaks down feed stock using an external heat source in the absence of oxygen to create syngas


  2. Thermal Oxidizer – combusts the syngas to generate heat, while managing combustion to minimize the generation of dioxins, furans, NOx, and CO


  3. Waste Heat Boiler – converts the waste heat into steam which is used for power generation


  4. Air Quality Control System – using ceramic candlestick bags with a catalyst and with the use of a reagent, sorbent, and activated carbon, scrubs the gases for acids, heavy metals, air toxics, particulates, and NOx


  5. Economizer – utilizes low grade waste heat for efficiency purposes
  6. ID Fan – creates a vacuum to draw syngas and flue gas through the system
  7. Stack – disperses exhaust for clean emissions


  8. Water treatment – produces demineralized pure water for steam cycle


  9. Steam turbine – uses steam to produce electricity


  10. Air Cooled Condenser – condenses the low grade steam from the steam turbine while creating a vacuum at the turbine exhaust increasing the efficiency of the steam cycle



  11. Power Distribution and Control Building – houses electric switch gear and controls
  • Diagram of Integrated Technology

    Diagram of Integrated Technology

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