Our Technology

In 2010 Pyrocon,LLC was founded, and by 2013 the company had started the process of patenting a new, higher efficient, better managed Pyrolytic Thermal Conversion System, integrating the byproducts into a power generation model.

Pyrocon’s Technology provides many benefits. Our system can be customized for any volume of waste and  offers waste reduction, onsite treatment, power generation and low emissions. Click here to read more.


Our technology uses Pyrolysis, a thermochemical decomposition of organic material at high temperatures.

Proprietary Conversion Technology

One of the two keys to the success of Pyrocon’s system is the proprietary conversion technology. The technology was successfully vetted by several leading technology companies. The technology uses an “oven” with multiple burners that fire in a sequenced progression to fully utilize the energy generating gases in the source materials. Pyrocon was issued a favorable opinion regarding the patentability of its technology under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and Pyrocon’s US Patent application is pending.

Integrated System

The second key to the success of Pyrocon’s system is Pyrocon’s design, integration, and control of a full waste to energy system.The integrated “train” of technology uses over 90% of third party systems including but not limited to a thermal oxidizer, steam turbine, interconnection equipment, waste heat boiler, water treatment system, air quality control system, air cooled condenser, among other components.


Pyrocon’s system can handle a wide variety of wastes.  One of the advantages of Pyrocon’s system is its versatility to automatically adjust to variations in waste streams and mixed wastes.  Wastes that Pyrocon’s system can process include, but are not limited to:

  • MSW or municipal solid waste
  • Tires
  • Biosolids
  • Sludges
  • Medical Waste
  • Agricultural Waste

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