Pyrocon provides full Waste to Energy Power Systems. The systems range in size from 50 to 1,000 tons per day of waste handled and 2 to 60 plus megawatts of power generated. Pyrocon can provide all services associated with constructing and operating the System including permitting, engineering and design, construction, procurement, startup, and operations.

Benefits of Pyrocon’s Technology include:

  • Waste reduction - system can handle a wide variety of wastes including municipal wastes, tires, biosolids, sludges etc. of varying moisture contents and volumes.
  • On-site treatment – eliminates the need for costly off-site disposal.
  • System customization – system can be built for any volume of waste.
  • Power generation – significant power is generated through the system depending on volume of waste, moisture content, type of waste and other factors.
  • Byproducts – waste volume is reduced between 70 to 90% and the typically non-hazardous byproduct can often be used for secondary purposes
  • Emissions – particulates and hazardous air emissions are scrubbed through the system and the system has been permitted in one of the strictest air quality districts in the world in California.
  • Footprint – The system is compact and does not require a lot of space.  A typical system needs only 1 to 1.3 acres.



The cost of Pyrocon’s system is usually offset within 5-10 years, depending on the size of the system and wastes being processed.  Revenue streams include the sale/value of net electricity generated, offset of tipping fees, and potential sale of byproduct. 

Risk Mitigation

Pyrocon has developed a risk management model and program to mitigate the risks associated with the system. 

  • Insurance – Pryocon has teamed with an insurance company to provide performance guarantees on Pyrocon’s system should the client desire.
  • Manufacturers’ Warranties – Over 90% of Pryocon’s system is comprised of proven parts from third party manufacturers.  These parts come with warranties of their own, which are passed on to the client.
  • Risk Management System – Pyrocon has a risk management plan that considers operational risks, maintenance, and related factors.

Pyrocon has a detailed operational and maintenance schedule designed to keep the system running at over 90% of the time.  Key parts are stockpiled and/or arranged with third party manufacturers for quick replacement to minimize downtime. 

Clients also receive 24/7 hour assistance for any technical issues or questions. 

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